Rohrerstown Community Band

Established 1893

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Band History

The Rohrerstown Band is one of Lancaster County's oldest continuing community bands. The band was chartered on October 24, 1893 as the Rohrerstown Concert Band. The band's charter was duly recorded in the Lancaster County Courthouse for the purpose of "the promotion of music". Of the 21 original charter band members, only 2 were not from Rohrerstown. Today, the band has a membership of 40 to 45 instrumentalists from middle school age to 90 years old.

Some of the early Lancaster County bands included the Mechanics Band of Landisville which was started in 1854, the Landisville Cornet Band which started in 1889, the Rohrerstown Band, and the Salunga Band which were merged together in 1896. Today, New Holland, Bainbridge, and Rohrerstown still have bands.

The Rohrerstown Band's name took several twists. In 1931, it became known as the Rohrerstown Athletic Association Band, and in 1934 it was changed to the Citizens Band of Rohrerstown. Although the band still officially carries that name, it is popularly known as the Rohrerstown Band.

The band's first conductor was C.N. McHose. He was followed by Francesco Castano
, Lloyd Williams (1936-1943), Daniel Lausch (1943-1947), Bill Amer (1947-1950), Donald F. Peters (1947-1996), and Gary Peters (1996-present)


The band plays for church picnics, concerts at Retirement Homes, public concerts, and even a parade once in a while.  We rehearse at Salem UCC in Rohrerstown, so if anyone is interested in getting that horn out of the closet, come and visit with us.

Our Director

The Band is currently under the direction of Mr. Gary Peters. Mr. Peters is a graduate of West Chester University with a degree in Music Education.